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Indiana Realty Partners

Indiana Realty Partners is the place to go if you are looking for property management!

About Us

Indiana Realty Partners has been in business since 2003.

Our staff offers over 40 years of combined property management experience.  We can offer you a tried and true program to get your property rented and provide a positive monthly cash flow!  We work with property owners individually and are happy to provide a customized service to meet your needs.

Property Management Services

Indiana Realty Partners prides ourselves on managing properties professionally and efficiently in order to provide our owners with the best service possible. It is our goal to manage our client's properties in a professional, customizable, and personal manner.  

For our owners that have occupied properties, we provide monthly reports with detailed information about income and expenses for each of the properties.

Several areas where we believe Indiana Realty Partners stands out and excels at include:

  • Thorough reports compiled monthly to our owners
  • Providing turn-around estimates and marketing plans in between tenants
  • Providing recommendations on marketing and rental analyses for our owners
  • Experience in handling rental properties that are in pre-marketing status on how to bring them up to a rent-ready condition
  • Communication with our owners
  • Timely and scheduled inspections on properties, both occupied and vacant homes

Services Provided

Indiana Realty Partners offers several different packages for property management to help suit our clients' individual needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our pricing, please call (317) 297-5459 and ask for Whitney or email to

Package A

This is our most common package for our owners.  Our premium property management services include:

  • Tenant Screening and Application Processing
  • Lease Signing, Lease Renewals and Processing Evictions
  • Rent Collection
  • Property Inspections
  • Property Maintenance Scheduling
  • Bill Payment, Bookkeeping and Financial Reports
  • Advertising and Showing Vacant Properties

We provide monthly financial reports to owners that provides a break-down of income and expenses for each property in the owner's portfolio.  All invoices that are paid through Indiana Realty Partners are uploaded to the owner's portal so they can view.  We examine every invoice that comes in to our office to be paid to ensure not only that the charges are accurate, but to ensure that if it is a tenant charge (due to a repair item that was deemed to be the tenants responsibility to repair), it is added to the tenant's account to be reimbursed to the owner.

Indiana Realty Partners also provides monthly financial reports, as well as annual reports to owners for tax purposes.

Package B

This package is best suited for owners who are needing help finding a tenant for their properties.  Our services will include the following to help find a qualified tenant:

  • Advertising and Showing Vacant Properties
  • Tenant Screening and Application Processing
  • Ability to use our Leasing Documents as well as have us complete the lease with the tenants on your behalf**

Once a tenant is found, the property owner the resumes the responsibility of the property manager for the property.

Payment for this package will be deducted from the tenant's security deposit or first month's rent.

**Additional charge for this option

 Maintenance Work  

Indiana Realty Partners understands that maintenance is often times a crucial key to managing a rental property effectively.  Too much and Owners are not happy!  Too little and Tenants are not happy!  Our maintenance coordinator works with a large number of contractors (all licensed and insured) to get you the best possible price and turn around time on work that needs to be completed.  Have your own contractor?  No problem, we can let you handle the maintenance on all non-emergency work orders or you can give the contractor's information to us and we can handle it for you!  All non-emergent work is approved by YOU prior to anything being completed.  

We have a emergency phone for Tenants to call regarding property emergencies with occur after regular office hours.  True emergencies are addressed right away.  We take care of your Tenant so that you don't have to!

Contact with Property Owners

Communication with the owner on a monthly basis really depends on the property and the tenant.  If there seems to be a lot of issues (tenant calling with complaints and/or requests), then we communicate that with the owner and see how you want to proceed.  If the tenant pays their rent on time every month and they are not having any issues with the home, then there really is very little communication (with that being said, you can communicate with us at any time and we can answer questions about the home and/or tenant whenever you may have them). The only other monthly communication with the owner is, of course, the monthly Owner Statement and Owner Draw! Owner Draws are sent via ePay on a monthly basis for all monies collected, with itemized expenses already deducted from the check.

Advertising Your Home

We market the property in our local MLS, For Rent signs at the available properties and local newspaper ads directing potential tenants to our office.  We also utilize many online marketing resources available through our property management software.